The 20 Best Resources For Software Development

Right now there is so much information out there! It is difficult to decide where to go to get good information, that is presented well and has what you are looking for.

Here you will find some of the resources that will hopefully guide you towards the information platforms that suite all your needs.  

I googled the word 'resource' and found the following definition: "A Resource is a source or supply from which a benefit is produced and that has some utility and worth." Then I thought to myself, what is 'utility'??? A second quick search told me that utility is defined as: "the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial."

Without further ado, here is a list of resources for you to check out.


Let's jump straight in.

1. Awesome

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This GitHub repository comes equipped with a huge amount of resources. A fantastic find for a knowledge hungry brain.

2. Stack Overflow

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Any questions you have and any answers you are looking for. This community is where developers share knowledge and help each other out.

3. YouTube

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This platform needs no introduction. Anyone who has internet access knows about this tech giant. Here is my recommendation of channels to get you going.

  • Academind
  • Traversy Media
  • Christopher Okhravi
  • William Lin
  • Fireship
  • CS Dojo
  • Web Dev Simplified
  • Code Explained
  • HackerRank
  • True Coder

4. Udemy

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You have probably heard of this platform, well organised and structured to offer easy to learn online lessons. If you are looking to improve yourself you will find a course on here suited for you. It s paid for but there are always deals and promotions so as to not hurt your wallet.

5. Scrimba

Courses, Knowledge, Support. Scrimba has it all.

6. Code Academy

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A very nice platform to start your coding journey, or pick up some extra skills. Comes with free and paid versions. Definitely worth checking out, they have a wide range of options.

7. Coursera

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An American course provider started by Stanford University professors. A reliable source of knowledge that come with quality assurance.

8. LeetCode

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Prep for your technical interview by going through this comprehensive list of questions. The platform has a built in IDE, offers different languages as well as answer verification.

9. HackerRank

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Verify your skills, apply for jobs, practise your coding, attain certification.

10. Coding Game

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Enjoy some online gaming fun combined with coding challenges.

11. Khan Academy

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An all in one information power house.

12. MDN Webdocs

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All your WebDev tech information packed into one site

13. W3Schools

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Another top class web developer resource

14. Clean Code

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The book from the author known as "Uncle Bob". Definitely should be on the todo list.

15. Road Maps

This article offers a variety of information about Web Development. The road maps below come from and give a really nice overview and provide context to the field.

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16. KickStart - By Google

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A competitive coding platform from Google, check out William Lin on Youtube who may inspire you to start competitively.

17. ProjectEuler

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A website that will make you stronger, highly mathematical/computer programming, it will drive the enquiring mind forward.

18. Instagram

This social media platform offers a wide variety of information (if you know where to look) here are the pages I follow and recommend:

  • master_of_data
  • pinata_data
  • python_scripts
  • amazing_python3
  • theomnicoder
  • javascriptmastery
  • ai_machine_learning
  • datascienceinfo
  • learn.machinelearning
  • pure.python
  • pycoders
  • javascript.js
  • python.learning
  • python.hub

19. Tools

Equip yourself for success and put the effort in and in no time you will start to reap the benefits and rewards. These are my go to tools for software development within a team environment.

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Top Tracker
  • Slack
  • Figma
  • Trello
  • Whereby/zoom/Google Meets

20. Inspiration

It is not always easy to stay focused and on track, progress may be slower than expected or things may be different to what you thought they might be. Here are some series, movies and IT groups to inspire and motivate you.

  • Silicon Valley
  • Mr Robot
  • Pirates of Silicon Valley
  • The Social Network
  • Jobs
  • The PayPal Mafia


Find the resources and path suited to you,  surround yourself with like minded individuals (online as well) and you will succeed. Take these resources with you and grow yourself and expand your possibilities.